Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What A Surprise

Senate GOP blocks windfall tax on oil companies:

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Saved by Senate Republicans, big oil companies dodged an attempt Tuesday to slap them with a windfall profits tax and take away billions of dollars in tax breaks in response to the record gasoline prices that have the nation fuming.

"GOP senators shoved aside the Democratic proposal, arguing that punishing Big Oil won't do a thing to lower the $4-a-gallon-price of gasoline that is sending economic waves across the country. High prices at the pump are threatening everything from summer vacations to Meals on Wheels deliveries to the elderly."

You know, this probably would have been just as useless as the holiday tax that Clinton and McCain endorsed, but jezz wouldn't it have been nice to nip at big oil for a change? I mean throw a dog a bone will ya?

On second thought, if the windfall tax had of been put in place then I'm sure the oil companies would have just raised up prices to offset that, so basicly we're screwed either way.

Unless you ride a segway that is.

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