Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lieberman loses--Nelson shouts "HA HA!"

Who could have seen it coming? Just about any one hooked up to the Internet that's who. People talk about loyality to the incumbent, and to the party, but the result of the Lieberman/ Lamont contest should show that what really matters should be loyality to the people. It's been obvious for years, at least to this blogger, that Lieberman has been a Republican in Democrat clothing, sideing with the right on various socially conservative matters over the years. Yet the war became Joe's death bed, and now that he made it, he has to lie in it. Dem's are cleaning house, and if H. Clinton's baking of Rummy a week ago is any indication, many of them are moving to a different area code before the Regulators strike.

Joe Scarborough make the great point here that the hopes of the Democrats are going to be an extreme shift to the left--centrism be dammed--noting how the same shift, but to the right, was what put the GOP in office the first time. It's Vietnam all over again, and people are fed up.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Gibson to Israel? Maybe not such a bad idea...

My tenth favorite movie critic (after Rex Reed, the guy that works with Ebert, and my dad) Michael Medved as the interesting idea of sending Mel Gibson to Israel to "atone" for his sins:

"At a time when Israel finds herself isolated as never before, imagine the impact of Gibson announcing a supportive trip to Jerusalem in the company of selected Jewish leaders--- with a reverent, remorseful stop at Auschwitz on the way."

At first I just thought this was dumb, but then I thought about it and now I'm starting to think it's a pretty good idea. First of all, atonement...let's leave that up to the Jews, who are either going to like him again, or won't. As as far as Mel Gibson and I are concerned the only thing I care about is having him do another Lethal Weapon movie. So what I say is he goes there and films another one. This time Gibson and Glover, on assignment to Israel, join two Mossad agents (Robin Williams and George Clooney) to break up and international terrorist organization that's linked to Hezbollah and Hamas. And--here's the best part--at the end of the movie everyone gets blown to bits. Now that's good entertainment and realistic.

An end to US involvement in Iraq?

Sullivan says so, so does Broder and Friedman. Can't deny that Rumsfeld and Bush's incompetence seems to have handed over control of the country to the most extremist members of Iraq, and the Hezbollah affair has only increased their dominance. Israel's not helping matters by bombing civillians at a number far outweighing their opponents. Expect this to escalate in the next couple of days with Hezbollah targeting Tel Aviv.

The worse part about all of this is that the entire West seems impotent and undecisive in this situation. They want a cease fire, but won't commit troops, and we want to win Iraq but don't want to commit the proper resources to our troops. Two years ago we needed to piss or get off the pot, but now the toilet's backed up and the outhouse is totalled.

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