Thursday, June 12, 2008

Somewhere Between The Two

So Jim Johnson stepped down. Personally, I was more upset when Sam Power was forced out of her post, but my opinion and a metrocard might get you on the train (or thrown off). However, if I rate my thoughts between two real bloggers I think I'm somewhere in the middle. From Sully:

If Obama's choice of Johnson was a mistake in the first place, then that's one thing. But if the campaign doesn't believe they made an error -- and they don't -- why give the Republicans a trophy head?

John Cole:
If prior to reading this post, you had no clue who Jim Johnson was, don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, if you polled the country, about half of them would ask if you were talking about the former Cowboys coach, the other half would have no clue. Which is to say this is a story about nothing."

It's not quite a story about nothing, and yet its not that important either. Look, McCain at this point is looking for anything to blunt Obama's momentum, and the Johnson story was a great foil against Obama's 'outside the beltway' image and they pushed it enough to get Johnson to step down. Ambers does make the point though that he really didn't have to--and in a way Obama conceded the point. If the question is about lobbyists working on campaigns then McCain should be under much more scrutiny, considering some of his friends, but it doesn't seem that Obama wants to mix it up with him yet. I'm always down for a good fight, but considering Team Obama's track record, who am I to argue with their judgement?

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