Monday, June 23, 2008

The Road To Iran

Hey kiddies, ready for another twisted sick tale brought to you by your friends at Neo-Con Inc? This one's called, "How Obama Made The US Attack Iran":

"A fascinating little moment on Fox News Sunday today. Bill Kristol airs the idea that if Obama looks as if he will win the election, Bush or Israel may be more likely to attack Iran before next January. Bush could say: Obama made me do it! Kristol also raises the prospect of Saudi Arabia and Egypt going nuclear in response to an Obama presidency. I think we'll see many more of these dire warnings if Obama looks like the next president - and he's increasingly the favorite."

Could it happen? Well that depends how you pivot on the question. If you think that GWB got us into Iraq for oil and greed, then probably not--they made their loot. But if you think that GWB is a true believer in the righteousness of bringing democracy to the Middle East and creating peace through war, then the situation becomes alot more plausible, but no less disastrous.

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