Friday, June 13, 2008

More on Russert...

Erza has some nice words:

"Whatever my issues with Russert's coverage, he was there, week after week, night after night, playing the bulldog against politicians in the way he thought best. It was quite a commitment to American politics, and over the years, gave rise to some remarkable moments. Because I think folks should be remembered for their best work, here's a transcript of his September 2002 interview with Dick Cheney. If the press had been as skeptical and aggressive in the run-up to the war as Russert was on that morning, sitting next to the vice president, we never would have invaded Iraq. But for now, it's going to be strange indeed to turn on the TV on Sundays and not hear his voice. Presumably, he's up somewhere beyond the cloudline, hectoring God about His inconsistencies. "But Lord, in Exodus 6:12, you clearly said...""

It's really weird. I never met the guy, and his style was mostly grating, but I'm really, really miss him. And in all honesty, while he wasn't Cronkite or anything, there's plenty of hacks around who weren't worthy of carrying his jockstrap.

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