Wednesday, June 18, 2008

But Schwarzenegger Became Governor...

Over at McCain blog, Goldfarb says this about Obama's stance on terrorism:

"Obama wants to take us back to the bad old days of going after terrorists with prosecutors rather than predators."

But I ask, how efficient has the Predator been? Sure, he did ok, in the first movie, but Schwarzenegger not only beat him, but became Governor to California to boot. Then in part 2 after doing us all the favor of cutting Gary Busey in half he was taken out by Danny Glover. Danny Glover! Without Mel Gibson? Come on! Then he didn't even come back out until Aliens Vs. Predator I and II, and to be kind, I'd have to say that they were both draws.

And while prosecutors haven't done too well in movies (though an exception could be made in The Untouchables--no doubt Kevin Costner's finest hour) they have an undeniable winning streak on TV mostly thanks to DA McCoy, who comes out on top week after week. I think the prosecutors have the advantage.

Update: Hot Rod mentions that Ice Cube's the Predator was a pretty good album. Indeed. But Cube's gotten kinda soft, though he does have Middle East experience.

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