Monday, June 23, 2008

The Way We Were

The Netherlands is going square:

"The Netherlands is poised to ban smoking tobacco in public places, but smoking marijuana will still be allowed in licensed "coffee shops" as long as it's not mixed with tobacco.

"I also note that I learned went I went to the Netherlands this past fall that there are fewer coffee shops around than there used to be, and that there have been a variety of measures put into place to make it more difficult to get a license. This is in part a consequence of the socially conservative smallish Christian Union Party joining the governing coalition."

Note to the hawks in Congress: Take heed, this is the slippery slope you've been looking for. Once smoking tobacco goes so goes pot, 'shrooms, and then it's just a hop-skip-and a jump to shutting down the red light district. Then they'll be as wack as US. Is this really what we want? It's time to invade. Let Operation Cheech and Chong commence.

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