Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Veepstakes Line Up

Cros does the work for me. Though I'm still hoping that Obama chooses Webb.

Oh, and I noticed you didn't mention John "Tool" Edwards. An oversight Cros? :)


Kiko Jones said...

Jim Webb is also my choice. But he's not very immigration-friendly and has had image problems regarding his supposed views on women in the past. Gen. Wesley Clark is my other choice: well-respected, military background, and a former HRC surrogate/supporter.

As far as as Sibelius is concerned, great resume. But you can't do black and female--or black and brown (Gov. Richardson)for that matter--right now. That Obama is a man of color is a big enough obstacle to overcome in terms of combating racial prejudice and ignorance, even among certain Democrats, let alone conservatives and independents. It's just too much change for one election to have a mixed gender/race ticket.

Biden and Edwards will be in the cabinet if Obama wins.

Speaking of Edwards, what is Elizabeth's problem? Is she the embodiment of the party's 50+ year old women who feel personally wronged by HRC's defeat? Wake up, people. If you thought 8 yrs of Bush was rough, John "100 Years in Iraq" represents 4 more of Shrub. Or worse. So if they want to mess this up out of spite, then to quote the Spin Doctors, just go ahead now. See what happens.

By the way, if McCain picks Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for VP, Obama is done.

Teethwriter said...

Palin's a relatively new name for me so I don't really know that much about her--but can you elaborate on your last statement? I mean it's a pretty strong prediction to say "Obama's done" is she enters. What does she bring to the table that would counter Omentum?

Teethwriter said...

Ah just saw your e-mail K. If I may I'd like to add that segment about Palin here for my readers:

"Speaking of female candidates, if McCain picks Sarah Palin for VP, Obama might not be down for the count but it could be a serious blow with women, especially the ones truly willing to defect the Democratic Party. However, the hugely popular—and hot—Alaskan governor recently gave birth to a child with Down Syndrome which could preclude her from hitting the campaign trail just yet. You won’t hear me praising Republicans very often, but from what I can tell, that lady, I must say, is a true rebel and individualist, taking on her party’s ethically-challenged power structure in her state and driving them out of office in the process. Which reminds me, WHEN WILL THE MEDIA FINALLY STOP CALLING McSAME A MAVERICK?!!! He’s been towing the Bush/Cheney line for the longest and disgustingly so, especially in light of the Bush 2000 campaign’s smear attack organized against him in South Carolina by none other than Karl Rove…who is now an advisor to the McSame campaign. I know politics is dirty but I used to respect the Arizona senator. I just can’t anymore. And the Grandpa Simpson-with-his-finger-on-the-button scenario is just too scary."

Yeah, the last half of that really didn't have anything to do with Palin, but I don't like McCain either--sue me.

Yeah, I see what you're saying, but even if she's on the ticket I can't see people voting for McCain because of her--now if she was running for president (2012 anyone?) then we'd be in for a real race.

PS: Kiko--isn't it time to add a political side to the '5'? Just saying...

Kiko Jones said...

You know, I've gotten some props for my political commentary--thanks, again--but I don't want to mix them with the music/pop culture coverage in "5". I could start a separate, political blog...(yeah, like I don't have a bunch of things going on already)

Let's see what happens. In the meantime, keep up the good work.

Gib said...

I read somewhere Edwards took himself out of the running. That said, even if he was in, I think Edwards adds nothing and Obama would be foolish to choose him, although Edwards does have a shot at being AG should Obama win.

Webb's interesting, but I think he risks exacerbating Obama's perceived "woman problem." Wesley Clark could help with disaffected Hillary supporters if Obama was afraid of being too diverse or whatever, but since his whole campaign is founded on the idea that America is ready for a major change, he really has no excuse for wussing out on Sebelius because the country "isn't ready."

And I agree with Kiko - Palin on the ticket should terrify Obama supporters.

And as far as the media calling McCain a maverick - he built that reputation taking a few key stands against the Bush administration (not many stands, but well-publicized ones), so people who wanted to stick it to Bush called McCain and independent and a maverick and "the right kind of Republican" because it helped an anti-Bush agenda to play up McCain. Now that he's the GOP nominee, all I can say is "Sorry - no takebacks."

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