Thursday, June 12, 2008

Excellent News...If You're a Democrat

This NBC poll:

"Among all women, Sen. Obama has a big advantage: 52% to 33% over Sen. McCain. Among all men, Sen. McCain's lead is 49% to 41%, less than half his edge among white men only. Sen. Obama leads among independent voters, 41% to 36%."

This is even better:

"By 62% to 28%, Hispanic voters support Sen. Obama. "That does not bode well for Republicans" in the Southwest, the Republican pollster added, in swing states such as Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado, where Hispanic voters are numerous enough to tip the result. Sen. McCain, who comes from a state with a large Hispanic population and has favored liberalizing policies toward illegal immigrants, has hopes of matching Mr. Bush's record of winning more than 40% of Hispanic voters."

And only because I'm a bitter, vindictive bastard:

"To Sen. Obama's advantage, the Journal/NBC poll results seem to debunk two widely held conclusions from the Democrats' nomination contest. Exit polls of Democratic voters suggested many of Sen. Clinton's supporters wouldn't vote for Sen. Obama in November if he is the Democratic nominee. In particular, pro-Clinton Hispanics were generally thought to be cold to Sen. Obama.

"In the poll, however, voters who chose Sen. Clinton in the primaries said by a 3-to-1 ratio, 61% to 19%, that they plan to vote for Sen. Obama over Sen. McCain in November."

What do you say about that Nelson?

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