Monday, June 23, 2008

Should Obama Keep Gates?

Sully vs. Marshall on that question.

Personally I'm with Marshall. With stories like this popping up, and his wiffing of that FISA compromise, Obama now runs the risk of alienating his progressive base. It feels really nasty when you find out that McCain is probably right on something, "Mr. McCain advocates eliminating the multibillion-dollar annual government subsidies that domestic ethanol has long enjoyed...he also opposes the 54-cent-a-gallon tariff that the United States slaps on imports of ethanol made from sugar cane, which packs more of an energy punch than corn-based ethanol and is cheaper to produce." Especially when it's something that Obama should be for.

I understand that Obama isn't Jesus Christ, and that he does need to unite elements of the country such as Republicans and Clinton-Democrats, but considering that he has the most independent and powerful fundraising apparatus in the game today, he might consider tossing the progressive net roots a bone, because he does not want the Kos fanatics on his ass...

...or WOTP. Cause, you know, we know people too.

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