Friday, January 25, 2008

Right On

Fellow Genius Gib makes an excellent point:

"I think this is Obama's only realistic shot at the White House. (One exception - if Hillary wins the primary and loses the general election, Obama may be able to run a winning campaign in 2012 on the theme that Democrats got it wrong in 08 and here's your chance to get it right. I think there may have been some of that with Reagan in 1980 after losing the 76 primary to Ford. "See, you didn't vote for me, you got Jimmy Carter.")"

"Given 4-8 more years in the Senate, casting votes and cutting deals, Obama will be far more likely to be seen as just another pretty liberal senator, and any future quests for the White House will have Christopher Dodd-levels of success.

"I think Obama's relative inexperience is a plus - since he doesn't have the detailed record that Clinton or the top GOP candidates have, it's easier for undecided voters to see their dreams and hopes in him than anyone else, especially given his skill at unifying rhetoric."

This is his time. If we don't take him now, he just won't be the same guy. Though "Chris Dodd-levels of success"? Can't we at least give him John Edwards level? He gets no love :)

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