Friday, January 25, 2008

Do We Really Want to Revisit the 90s?

Yglesias makes the point that alot of these Clinton attacks against Obama might come back to haunt her:

"Illinois blogger Archpundit has what seems to me to be a useful roundup of the links between Barack Obama and Tony Rezko. The essence of the matter is that there doesn't seem to have been any quid to go with the pro quo here. Rezko tried to curry favor with politicians in order to get stuff from them, and Obama was no exception. And, indeed, when one of Rezko's business partners had a son who wanted an internship in Obama's office, Rezko wrote a letter of recommendation and the kid got the job. It's possible that had Obama remained in the Senate and had Rezko not gotten indicted, that he would have found occasion to do some more serious favors but in the real world there's nothing there.

"Basically, as with Obama's questionable record on coal I'm not particularly impressed. But it is true that, to an unusual degree, Obama's campaign has tried to portray their man as a living saint of some kind when, in reality, he's a normal pol who stands up for home-state industries and gives internships to buddies of sons of campaign contributors. On the other hand, what makes this sort of line of attack curious to me is that if there's one thing we absolutely know for sure about the Clintons it's that if you're inclined to make mountains out of molehills there are tons and tons of thin ethical charges you can make against them."

Thin and thick. The Rezko link superficially stinks up Obama's stainless image, but there's nothing so outlandish about what he did. Of course Hilary's going to bring it up, but does she want to make this a battle of morality, especially considering that she's now pretty much running with Bill who's pushing his 90s record? Obama's hands are tied on how he can respond--get too dirty and he ruins his whole "politics of hope" message, which is why we're attracted to him as a canidate. But picture her trying to do this to Romney or McCain. They would LOVE to revisit the 90s, and while attacks on Bill's character will surely energize the Kos vote, it would cool off liberal Republicans and Independents who would have most likely voted for Obama. Again this is a zero sum strategy for the Clintons, meaning that whatever gains she makes using these tactics against Obama will eventually blow up in her face in the general election.

Hillary should not Love the 90s.

UPDATE: Ha--Matt Lauer surprises Hil on the Today Show with a pic of her, Bill, and Tony Rezko. Oh sweet irony.

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Anonymous said...

Strange.. the video in the link isn't of the Clintons getting caught, but of a McCain-Romney spat.

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