Friday, January 25, 2008

Mike Huckabee Wants to Be Your VP

As I mentioned in my Allhiphop rundown, Mike Huckabee has stuck his head so far up the evangelical base's ass that it's pretty apparent that he's no longer running for the Presidency:

"Mike Huckabee, who so far this week has said he would like to re-write the Constitution to fall in line with the Bible, and would deport all 12 million illegal immigrants. Now either cocaine’s a hell of a drug or the power of prayer really can move mountains because both of these things are downright impossible. It’s pandering to its basest level, and will most likely piss off more people than get them to vote for you. So why would Huckabee do it? Well what we’re seeing actually is a concession of sorts from the Huckabee camp. They realize that they’re catching a drubbing from both McCain and Romney but they would like to parley their Iowa success and their evangelical base into a VP or cabinet post in either a Romney or McCain administration. Don’t let the Gomer Pyle exterior fool you, Huckabee’s very shrewd and knows what it takes to seal up the evangelical vote."

Douthat brings up more validating evidence here in regards to his popularity, while Steve Clemons goes one further to show how he might be sealing up some of his weak points to cement a possible run with Romney or McCain:

"If Huckabee increasingly looks like he has a lock on the Vice Presidency -- which is the way things are looking to me at this early stage -- then many will have to work to fix the realists in a dominant position around him and to curb the influence of international messianic crusaders who will also be part of the Huckabee mix."

Don't be surprised if Huckabee, after Super Tuesday, does a John Edwards and gives an implict endorsement to one of the other canidates. Hell, he might not even wait.

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