Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Bloomberg Candidacy

Yes, that's how he dresses for work every day.

Seriously though, there's been a lot of discussion regarding a potential presidential bid by Mayor Mike. Many pundits, including myself, have questioned the viability of his potential run, the largest criticism being that as an independent agent of change Bloomy wouldn't be unique considering the alternatives of Edwards and Obama. This has led many to write him off. However Bloomy continues forward and being that is the case one needs to see what he'll bring to the table when he runs.

First off, rumors have spread of Mike's willingness to spend up to one billion of his own fortune to run. That's a one and a LOT of zeroes. Anyone with a billion dollars to spend instantly becomes a viable candidate. If I had a billion dollars to run I'd be a viable candidate. So would Ron Paul for that matter. That kind of wealth automatically gets you a seat at the table. Furthermore, he can use that independent wealth to make the case that he's not in the pockets of lobbyists, a direct challenge to Edwards' platform. Of course, it's also hard to say you're not for the boss if you're the boss yourself, but that didn't stop Ross Perot from running a darn good populist campaign.

Really though, the most frightening aspect of a Bloomberg campaign for the Democratic contenders is his aura of competency and financial savvy. There is no doubt that Bloomberg fiscally changed around NYC, and he runs this city like a well oiled machine without using the fascist tactics employed by the former mayor who's name rhymes with Assholeani. (Not really, but New Yorkers will get my point). He's a living testament that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and when you can do that in the biggest city in the world it, like Rommey's pitch, makes the case for having executive experience that eclipses senatorial experience.

Bloomberg's biggest challenge though is coalescing that into a workable pitch. No one can run on competency alone. (Here's the slogan, "A Technocrat for a Better Tomorrow". Sounds like Mike Dukakis in '88) There must be a 'bigger picture' that he can sell to the populace in which his business and managerial skill is a method for making this 'picture' come alive. It may be sad, but a the country would rather go for the dream than the reality even if that dream is but a dream. Bloomy is a work horse, but if he wants to become president he needs to transform himself into a stallion.


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