Wednesday, January 16, 2008


For Cloverfield. I'm sure it's not going to be in the same quality zip code as No Country and There Will Be Blood, but ever since I saw the trailer before The Transformers I've been dying to check it out. It's got a good review over at MSNBC.COM, but is only giving it a 56%. Eh, who cares? I'd go see the next Republican debate if the Statue of Liberty's head rolled through the stage.
One thing though...who was the genius that decided to name it 'Cloverfield'? I mean you could have called it 'Big F'ing Monster' and it would have been better. Hell 'Mary J. Blige Shoots Steroids in Her Ass' is a better title, and probably would have made more sense then Mary J. Blige shooting steroids in her ass. I swear to God if that monster comes out and calls itself Cloverfield! I'm going to vomit on the front row.


Gib said...

I've been ducking Cloverfield ads on TV for a few weeks now, as well as reviews and things like that. I'll see the movie - surprise me.

It better be good, though - I promised my wife we could see Atonement on Saturday if we saw Cloverfield Friday.

GerkMax said...

"Cloverfield" was the secret code name used during filming. But once it was discovered that this was a J.J. Abrams project, and that there was some mystery to it, the cat was out of the bag... the internet was Cloverfield-crazy with rumors. With so much hype surrounding the project, it was very clever to keep the "Cloverfield" title.

Would you go see a monster movie called "WTF! HAMMER TIME!"

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