Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Justice League, Legion of Doom

Among pundits there seems to be this attitude, and attitude that I share, that the GOP primary is more interesting that the Democratic, and I think this attitude stems from a point I made in this post where I said:
"Considering that the policies of the Dems as compared to their GOP opponents are so cut and dry, what they're really running on, in these primaries, are their intangibles (likability, personality, etc) and narratives that they're trying to establish: Obama the unifier, Edwards the Fighter, Hilary the Experienced. "
The GOP group is more interesting not because their individual narratives are more interesting than the Dems' individual narratives, but their group dynamic is more explosive. The Dems are like the Justice League, pooling their unique powers to "do good", while the Legion, in that anonymous swamp where they reside (Where is that? The Everglades? New Jersey?), Lex Luthor, Brainaic, Captain Cold, et al are all focused on their own agendas, teaming up only because they share a common enemy. This intergroup tension leads to greater drama, which is much more fascinating. So why does it seem like the Democrats get more airtime? Simple--in real life you don't want the Legion to win. After all, we've seen what a President Luthor can do.

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