Thursday, January 17, 2008

Former GOP Congressman Charged With Funding Terror

Wow. I can't even get a handle on this one. I mean it's not exactly news that Republican's are corrupt but this goes above and beyond the call of sleaze. Not only that, but the guy was a born again Christian who wore "Jesus First" buttons while he campaigned and claimed that he was elected because, "God wanted me in". Then again was it his Christian zealotry that led to his downfall? Sully has some insight here, but I think you can more directly see the link if you watch the section in the movie Jesus Camp when a Christian camp counselor praises fundamentalist Islamics for indoctrinating their children in the Koran from an early age. These born-agains admire Islamic fundamentalists' methods, and probably hope that an Al-Qaeda victory will be the spark that ignites their holy war and brings them closer to the Rapture.

You know, all during high school I wanted to get closer to the Rapture too, but I didn't think Jesus had anything to do with it.

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