Friday, January 04, 2008

Obama Wins in Iowa

I really don't wanna go a wet one like Chris Matthews, nor do I want to inflate the significance to this moment like Sully, but it's apparent that what we saw in Iowa last night was historic and shows an incredible shift in both race relations and the direction that America wants to follow. Watch the video above. I used to think that the only way a black man could get a crowd of aged whites around him like that is if he had a ball or bible in his hand or a noose around his neck. But not only has Obama made this possible but he's doing it by running a perfect campaign and staying on message. I can't help thinking that when I see him now I'm seeing what it must have been like to watch JFK and RFK run, and if he can keep up this kind of momentum he really can be President of the United States.

Congrats also to Edwards, with his strong showing, (Obama-Edwards ticket? Only if you want Christ Matthews to explode in his pants) the entire Iowa Democratic party for it's turnout and strong registration drive, and to the other ten republicans who voted for their minister, er, I mean candidate.

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