Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Random Thoughts on the NH Primary

1) First off, I was way, way too bitter regarding Hilary. Congratulations to Hil on a well run campaign that surprised all the pundits and polls. She deserved it.

2) I am WAY too invested in an Obama win. While I do believe that Obama would be the best choice in the 08 Election (Because of a) His ability to work with opposition and b) his transparency) that doesn't mean that Edwards or Hil wouldn't make suitable candidates or Presidents.

3) Furthermore, after listening to Chris Matthews talk about the endurance of the McCain's campaign (and he did it without talking about McCain's 'manly musk', yeah, I'm surprised too). I wonder if a loss in NH for Obama isn't a good thing for his supporters and America. After all, Obama really hasn't faced loss and knowing how a candidate can take defeat and whether they have endurance is important in knowing what type of leader they can be. And Lord knows, as President you'll take A LOT of losses (Unless you're Bush after 9/11, then you get handed the keys to the tank).

4) One also has to remember that Obama outspent Hil by 2 million in Iowa, and didn't spend as much time in NH as Clinton. Obama backers have to remember that this election isn't going to be a cakewalk greased by Obama's eloquence. There's going to be more struggle ahead, and a hell of a lot more dirty tricks. This thing is far from over.

5) What's up with girls names Fatima? Who puts the word 'fat' in a girls name?

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valentine said...

Your funny!
How 'bout Baquita?
I actually know someone with that name. LOL!!!

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