Monday, January 14, 2008

Obama, Hilary, and MLK

So here's the rundown on that MLK thing going on between Hil and Obama, as I see it. Somewhere in the middle of this race someone likened Obama to JFK and MLK, and for some reason this pissed off Hilary who said that it was really LBJ that had more to do with the civil rights movement then MLK. Some black dude agreed and some other black dude disagreed and then Hil went on MTP and Tim Russert asked some dumb question about it and Hil said MLK was wack, leading some white woman to say that Tiger Woods should get lynched, which then led Tony Romo to take Jessica Simpson to Cabo which led to the Cowboys getting beaten by the Giants which then made Terrell Owens to cry and Mary J. Blige to take some steroids. Well then this got so many cameras running that the Earth heated up and Antarctica melted.

So, in short, John McCain became the next president of a giant ice cube.

Weeee! Set a new record on most links in one post! I am the man!

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