Friday, March 14, 2008

Stop Hating

You know, rarely do I give a damn about professional sports. There's too much money and too little heart involved in them for me to really care or become inspired. Yet every once and a while something comes up that garners my attention. Billy Crystal's one day contract to play an exhibition game wasn't that something, but what did attract my interest was the massive amounts of criticism that he received. Look folks, cut the dude some slack and get a sense of proportion. Here you have a guy who's 60 years old, a life long Yankee fan, a personal friend to Yankee legends Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, who has promoted the Yankee franchise in half of his movies and even produced the HBO film 61 that chronicled Maris and Mantle's home run record chase of, appropriately, 1961. If anyone deserves to be shown a bit of love by this franchise it's Crystal. Oh yeah, sure he got the opportunity because he's famous but then, so what? Of all the frivolous vain booby-prizes given to boobs this one seems honest, well-earned, and less obnoxious than most. He got a chance to wear the pinstripes and get one at bat, and in that time probably did more for the Yankees than Jason Giambi, A-Rod, and Mike Mussina put together, and it didn't cost the Yanks a billion dollars.

God people, get some perspective.

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