Thursday, March 06, 2008


I'm of two minds on this:

"Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean urged Florida and Michigan party officials to come up with plans to repeat their presidential nominating contests so that their delegates can be counted."

As an Obama supporter (and someone who thinks that this battle is only going to make McCain stronger), I don't particularly want FL and MI to re-do their primaries since they'll undoubtedly help Clinton. FL will help her because of its large conservative Latino, Anti-Castro base, and MI will aid her cause because the Ohio NAFTA scandal will roll over there, unless this new revelation that Clinton was the first to be duplicitous about NAFTA gets teeth, and I doubt it.

But as an American and Democrat I believe that everyone in the party should have the right to their vote. It seems, well...democratic. True their respective parties originally screwed them over, but does that mean that the people shouldn't get another chance if one is presented?

I will say one thing though, a re-do in MI and FL is going to be a great opportunity to see how versatile team Obama really is, and discover what adjustments they'll make in their strategy. Looking at their wins I am blown away by their Jordanesque campaign performance, TX and OH excluded (and hey, even the Bulls lost every once and a while to the Knicks).

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Kiko Jones said...

I just think that someone has to lay down the law: MI and FL chose to step up their primaries in direct defiance of the DNC and should pay some sort of price for it. Otherwise, what's the point in making rules, if when broken there is no real consequence?

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