Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Crypt Sheet for Team Hillary

Hillary says Rev. Wright is Imus, and now Hillary finance committee member, Niall O'Dowd, says he's David Duke. You know, beyond the fact that Hil's team is kicking a dead dog around, I'm really offended that they're just making bad comparisons. A fiery minister and Howard Stern's arch-enemy? A pastor and a Klansman? I mean gee, trying hard to smear someone team Clinton?

To help them out I decided to put together a little crypt sheet denoting some of the people you can compare Wright to and some you can't.

You can compare Wright to:

Malcolm X (Pre-visit to Mecca)

Huey Newton

John Brown

Sandford (but not the Son dummy)

Chuck D

Ice Cube


Cyrus (From the Warriors--can you dig it?)


Pat Buchannan

You cannot compare him with:


Abe Lincoln

Flava Flav


Cliff Huxtable

A Klansman

A neo-nazi (or Hitler for that matter)




and finally George W. Bush

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