Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quote of the Day

Yeah, usually I would put this stuff over at Of The Day (and in fact it's posted there as well) but I though Klein's point was so important that it's worth being posted on my 'serious' platform:

"The desire for permanent bases in Iraq dishonors the American dead, and ensures
that many more will die. This is the real horror of John McCain's hyperbolic
statements about another 100 or 10,000 years in Iraq: he thinks the occupation
of Iraq can be like the U.S. occupations of Korea, Japan or Germany--all three
ethnically homogenous, non-Islamic countries. He should both read a little
history. So should Kagan. But then, if they'd been familiar with the history of
Mesopotamia, we probably wouldn't have invaded in the first place."

Listen up Obama--this is almost exactly the argument you'll have to make come fall.

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