Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Obama challenges Hillary to a Tax Return showdown. Here's Obama's, but...where's Hil's?

From Obama's Team this morning:

"Obama Posts Tax Returns on the Internet, Calls on Clinton to Follow Suit
Clintons’ investment in Cayman Islands firm shows need for full
and prompt disclosure
CHICAGO, IL—Senator Barack Obama today posted his tax
returns from 2000-2006 on his campaign website, demonstrating his continued
commitment to transparency in government and changing business as usual in
Washington. The returns are complete, including all schedules, and are now
available to anyone to view. The Obama campaign urged Senator Clinton to join
Senator Obama in making her returns public."

Oh snap!

PS: Now that Obama's pretty much got this in the bag, don't hold your breath waiting for Hil's returns. And one that note I wonder--maybe she didn't release them earlier when she thought she had the nomination in the bag, and when she started to lose it then she figured, "why should I?" If that's the case she probably never intended to let them out. Ah well, I'm sure they're not important...NOT!

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