Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hillary's Judgement

The more she pushes herself (and her pal John McCain) foreign policy credentials the more she ends up falling into an abyss. When asked for particulars she spotlighted her work in bringing "peace to Northern Ireland" and negotiating with Macedonia to open up its borders to Kosovo refugees. Both of these claims are false. It turns out Macedonia had opened up it's borders a day before she arrived to speak to Macedonian leaders, while major player in brokering N. Ireland peace, and Nobel Peace prize winner, Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey (yes, that is his real name), calls her claim, "a wee bit silly".

This whole idea of having the experience to handle a 3am call is also "a wee bit silly". Sure it's nice for the president to have some idea who's running the world and what the global situation is, but history has shown us that many great presidents didn't have foreign policy "credentials". After all, those 3am calls come rarely and when they do come, by definition, no one has dealt with that situation. What we're really talking about here is judgement, as in which candidate has the best judgement to deal with these types of situations. Judgement, a very intangible thing, isn't rated simply on a candidate's knowledge but rather on what decisions they've made in the past, and, of course, the largest decision made by US politicians in the last 5 years has been the vote to go to war with Iraq. Of the three people running only one has stood against the Iraq war from the beginning. Only one has been shown to have correct judgement, and that one is Barack Obama.

As for Hillary, well to study her judgement I don't have to look any farther than the judgement she showed in picking a husband. If her goal was fidelity than she obviously chose wrong, if her goal was the aggressive and blind attainment of power for power's sake, then she was correct. Good for her, but not so great for the American public.

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MQA said...

Judgement? Experience? Ha! According to Hillary's logic - Laura Bush is now qualified to be president.

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