Friday, March 21, 2008


Actually what Condoleeza Rice told Barack Obama was that, "I myself would be very disturbed" about the fact that his State Department Passport record had been breached by three contract employees of the State Department:

"WASHINGTON - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Friday she has
apologized to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama for an incident in
which State Department contractors unnecessarily reviewed his passport

"The episode raises questions as to whether the actions of three
contractors, two of whom have been fired, were politically motivated."

If this story has teeth, and if it is discovered that this fiasco was politically motivated by either of the Clinton or McCain camp then Obama might shore up the election right here and now. This would be the greatest scandal since watergate and just the implication is bound to garner Obama public sympathy. Between Richardson's endorsement and this, Obama is about to get a nice jump in his sagging poll numbers.

UPDATE: To note, right now it doesn't seem that the passport breach was politically motivated but could have been done just out of harmless curiosity (which doesn't excuse the behavior--they still need to be fired), but a full investigation seems proper. On the other hand, it seems that GHWB (Bush's dad) might have done the same thing to Bill Clinton in 92. An honest mistake, or genetics?

UPDATE II: Looks like McCain, and Clinton's passport records were also breached. Looks like this might have been curiosity--or an attack by the Nader campaign? Nahhhh.

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