Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thirty years from now, this will be included in the updated edition of The People's History

From Stories in America:

"I was arrested yesterday, Monday February 5th, along with 10 others in the first of many action of a sustained campaign to end the Iraq War called “The Occupation Project”Senator McCain was targeted yesterday because he is a staunch supporter of the ongoing occupation of Iraq. The message brought to McCain’s Capitol Hill office by Voices For Creative Non-Violence, CodePINK, Veterans For Peace was “Stop Funding the War!” Two time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Kathy Kelly was among those arrested. There were also coordinated actions at McCain’s offices in his homestate of Arizona, as well as other demonstrations nationwide including sit-ins at Barrak Obama’s and Dick Durbin’s offices in Chicago which resulted in 8 additional arrests."

Not quite sure why Obama was targeted, but I enjoy hearing about our people making their voices heard rather than sitting on their couch watching American Idol.

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