Friday, February 09, 2007

Racism from the Liberal Left?

John Ridley gives a good case for it. Money quote:

"And, please, would my people stop complaining every time somebody in the so-called liberal media asks the question: "Is America ready for a black president?" Yes, that question posits a negative. Yeah, the question really should be "can American stand one more rich old out of touch white guy as president," of course the question is in total abeyance of the fact that a black person has been four heart beats away from the presidency for the last seven years. But it's a nice safety valve. Kinda like when the faux liberals start a conversation with: "Do you want me to put some hip hop on?" or come back from vacation and say: "Oh my God, I'm as dark as you!""

It's the same kind of racism that makes the white media call Kramer a racist when we blacks understood that Kosmo just had a really bad day. And when white people have bad days and you add a few blacks in the mix you might just get a few "niggers" tossed around. Hey it's human nature, and we'd rather that than then getting dragged from the back of a pick up truck till our eyeballs fall out. Just ask George Jefferson.

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