Monday, January 22, 2007

What have you done for me lately....

Wanted to reprint a letter off of TPM that I found interesting (please excuse any copyright infractions):

"When was the last time you watched a tape of Clinton's SOTU from 1999? I showed sections of it to my Media and Public Opinion class last fall and it's really a mind-blowing contrast to this year. This was right in the middle of impeachment and Clinton delivered a speech that was powerful and angry. He went through a list of accomplishments, of course, but these were actual accomplishments. Economic growth, jobs growth, surplus, peace.... on and on. One forgets. So he delivered this incredible speech to an audience -- the Republicans in Congress -- who clearly did not want to be there and did not want to hear it -- but also the larger American public, who were of course far more receptive to his message. He was clearly angry that, given all of these amazing accomplisments, he was facing impeachment over a petty sex scandal.
So, here's my question to you: can you think of one thing between last year's SOTU and this year's SOTU that Bush can claim as an accomplishment? Did even one thing go right for Bush this year? OK, I'll spot him modest job growth, modest economic growth and some stock market growth. I suppose that's something. But how about anything that he actually had anything to do with? On the other hand there's Iraq, North Korea, China, Hamas, etc. etc. So what is he going to talk about?"

I'm not sure, but I bet whatever he says will have the words: 9/11, surge, islamofacists, terrorists, evildoers, hate our freedoms, Democracy, and 9/11 in there.

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