Saturday, January 27, 2007

Someone needs to step up their game...

Look I'm a proud liberal. I'll be happy to tell anyone that. But just because I am, doesn't mean I need to walk blindly in the path of anything or anyone who subscribes to being liberal. You have cake hole liberals just like you have cake hole conservatives (although one side has way more than the other...I'll let you figure that one out). may be the most popular liberal blog outside of, but with posts like this, its a wonder they have any support:

"Look at this Yahoo headline of a Reuters story:
Bomb kills 15, Bush critic Pelosi visits Baghdad
"Bush critic"? That's the best descriptive Yahoo can think of to give Pelosi?
Not "Speaker of the House" Pelosi? Not "Third in Line for the Presidency" Pelosi?
Not even "California Congresswoman" Pelosi?
But, yes, all you lurking Freepers, keep crying that the media is liberal."

Seriously...this is the best you can do? Attacking Yahoo because they called Nancy Pelosi a "Bush critic?" Maybe if they had called her a "movie critic," maybe I could I couldn't because who gives a F-CK! Who the hell are you even trying to convince that the media isn't left wing? The right? Riiiggghhhttt cause they all just love to check out right after they smoke a joint and donate ten percent of their paycheck to the ACLU. Well at least you didn't follow up that post with videos of Lewis Black and Elton John. Oh wait, you did.

If I want MTV news, I'll watch MTV.

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