Monday, January 29, 2007

Cros is going to have a field day...

...and I wouldn't blame him after looking at this. Look, Kerry has the right as an American citizen to say whatever he wants, and most of it I agree with--but to do it at this time with that person is politically irresponsible. Funny thing, but in many ways I'm reminded of what happened when Bill Cosby made his comments about blacks that ignited so much controversy. Most of the anger felt by blacks about his comments weren't about their valadity (and many were very valid)I but came because Cosby exposed so many 'black" issues to a "white" audience (through the television, not the live audience). This latest Kerry gaffe is the same sort of thing, and people are getting angry at Kerry for expressing his dissent with the Bush adminstration in front of so-called "American enemies" (Khatami isn't Pres of Iran anymore). Wingnuts wanna label it 'treason,' and while I wouldn't go that far it does display Kerry's absence of tact; the same lack that lost him the presidency in 2004. Thank God Kerry is out of 2008.

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Gib said...

Eh, I'll give him a pass on this one. Personally, I've demoted Kerry from "Democratic spokesman" to "just some random idiot who doesn't know when to shut his snack-hole." I find my blood pressure stays lower that way.

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