Saturday, January 27, 2007

Get ready for some intense serious ass whoopin!!!

Prenote: The following Youtube video depecting Iraq officers (Shia) beating unnammed Sunni suspects as US soliders watch was posted up on Sully's blog here. AS says the beating "... shows what this president is now risking: that the U.S. will become a party to one side in a sectarian civil war. " Now Mickey Kaus points out a few things Sully missed in his description of the event such as one US troop breaking it up, and the fact that the vic had been caught with a bag full of mortars.

Fact is, both pundits are right. These men have been placed into a tremendously organic type of situation where natural instinct, cruel and barbaric natural instinct, takes control. Remember the shoebomber and the beatdown he recieved from the passengers on the airplane that he tried to destroy? Would you have called that revenge or a bias attack? When is the situation fight or flight and when is it political? Personally, if I was in Iraq whether it be on the US side or the Iraqi side (you can pick your favorite sect in the latter) I can tell you one thing, the longer I was there and the more people I killed the more I'd be lovin it. And after a while, in the middle of that killzone, it wouldn't much matter whose throat I had my hands around.

Think about that as you watch this.

We seriously need to plus down.

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