Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I wouldn't want to be in Sully's shoes...

...after this one.

The fact is, beyond all the talk about the Di Vinci code's commerical success no religious figure in modern history has come up with a satsfactory conclusion of where religion--and not just Christianity--should fit into our lives. I think it should be noticed how the end of the film (not the book--I can't remember how that ends) Tom Hanks' character kneels over the tomb of Mary Magdalene. Not because of some unreasonable divinity that's subscribed to her, but because of her humanity which begs admiration and emulation. Our new religion (and why shouldn't it be called that?) should be based on human deeds, because it is those very deeds that we can pragmatically imitate, just as it is human sins that we fall victim to. Now I'm not saying that we should form a Church of Martin Luther King Jr, or Albert Einstein, but the time is coming when our adoration should be reserved for Earthly matters which still and always will astound us as much as the evil that men and women do rends our hearts. This I think is the keystone of Sam Harris' argument. It's nuclear power vs. Sully's steam engine and in that battle there is no contest.

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