Monday, February 25, 2008

Wish You Were Here

Hey folks, have to make it short and sweet since it's a complete hassle to blog from an itouch. I'm reporting live from Jerusalem; it's around midnight in the American colony in the north. The Teethwife and I have been touring the coast from Tel Aviv on through Galilee till here. We even went through the West Bank (Whoh). It's been a remarkable experience both in the way I look at religion and the state of Israel. Needless to say, I think everyone should visit here regardless of creed--it really makes you think about the state of western culture; which feels created in this tiny area.

A few political notes: Haven't had the chance to go over the blogs but have caught some news on CNN and some Brit channel called Sky. From what I see out here Obama is wiping the floor with Hil and concensus out here says that he won the last debate. They kept hawing on about her final comments, which they appriopiately said sounded like a concession. Course the next day she was attacking Barack's health care mailer that had been circulating for the last two weeks. If this is the only ammo in her basket then she's in trouble and the rezko trial can't come fast enough. But like I said, that's the word in Israel, maybe things are closer in the states.

Oh and I think I called the Oscars pretty well, I though Blood could have won more, but I suppose they gave them the one they most deserved, best actor to Day-Lewis.

I'll try to get in a few more posts before I leave, but if not you'll get a full report with pics when I get back. Shalom!

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