Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Propaganda: Level 10

"JERUSALEM - Hamas has reached a new low in its cartoon brainwashing of kids to kill Israelis: a Bugs Bunny look-alike who declares, "I will eat the Jews!"

"Assud the rabbit is the newest star of "Tomorrow's Pioneers," a Hamas-authorized kids show that airs on Gaza TV and is beamed around the Arab world."

Ok, that's pretty nuts, but does anyone remember Farfur, the Mickey Mouse wannabe who used to "tell children to drink milk, pray daily - and take up AK-47 assault rifles to defeat Israel and the U.S." Well he isn't around any more:

"The producers of the show later told kids that Farfur had been beaten to death by Israeli soldiers.

"A short-lived bee character called Nahul was also killed off recently - his death blamed on Israelis preventing him from reaching a hospital to get urgent medical treatment."

If I was a kid and Gordon told me that the NYPD beat Big Bird to death, I'd of become a gangbanger.

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Gib said...

Come to think of it, you know, when I was little, if Gordon had told me to burn something down, I might have done it. Gordon was awesome.

Kids' shows have a lot of influence. It'll be hard for kids who grow up around that to be interested in co-existing with Israel if that's what they're exposed to.

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