Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Obama Sweep?

Polls say he's got a good shot of sweeping the Potomac tomorrow:

ARG: Obama 55%, Clinton 37% (Today)
Mason-Dixon: Obama 53%, Clinton 35% (Feb. 10)
Rasmussen: Obama 57%, Clinton 31% (Feb. 9)
SurveyUSA: Obama 52%, Clinton 33% (Feb. 8)

SurveyUSA: Obama 60%, Clinton 38% (Today)
ARG: Obama 56%, Clinton 38% (Today)
Mason-Dixon: Obama 53%, Clinton 37% (Feb. 10)
Rasmussen: Obama 55%, Clinton 37%

Honestly, Obama's campaign has been smart, smart, smart. By attacking the small states they exploit Hillary's overconfidence, gain delegates, and keep the media shouting Omentum! (Trademark Teethwriter 2008) even though Hil can still win the most delegates. From a political wonk standpoint, this is great stuff. Course I probably wouldn't be so entralled if I wasn't for Obama, but I would like to think I could be more objective than Andrew Sullivan.

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