Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's Not Over Till It's Over

MY reminds us all that Hillary is far from defeated:

"Thus far, it looks like Obama really will pull off the sweep, which is good for him. But the most recent poll of Ohio shows Clinton with a big lead, and considering the convincing nature of Clinton's wins in states like Arizona, Oklahoma, and California I think you need to assume she'll win there until we see some kind of poll offering clear evidence to the contrary. Obama's put together a string of impressive wins, but it's still the case that in the Democratic Party women outnumber men, whites outnumber blacks, working class people outnumber college educated professionals, and senior citizens outnumber under-thirties. Under the circumstances, Clinton continues to be in a strong position."

Right. While I'm all about momentum, which may possibly be VERY important come convention time, the race remains close. This is still Hil's game to lose, and any thought Obama supporters might have of thinking that he's in the driver's seat are only setting them up for a big fall. Things are looking good, but the battle's only just begun.

PS: By the way, if Hillary does win, can be be civil and unbiased enough to say that she ran a hell of a race that showed grit and stamina? I know it had tons of faults, mostly springing from her overconfidence, but if she does pull it off I'll admit that she showed courage under fire. Then I'll cry.

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