Saturday, February 16, 2008

An Inportant Point That Bears Repeating

From Sully:

"Here's Victor Davis Hanson:

"Under pressure to produce some facts and specifics, the Obama team is beginning to release a little on the economy, taxes, and new entitlements."

"Now the reason I balk at this is that I actually sat through a long Obama speech on taxes last year in Washington. I couldn't get through the details there were so many. It bored the pants off me. The notion that Obama has not released details and specifics on economic policy is a fantasy. It's a product of pundit laziness. The cocoon right seems to believe that because they haven't done their homework, Obama hasn't."

It's all laid out right here. And just to be fair here's Hillary and McCain. Yeah, I know sorting through the numbers is boring, but um, isn't that what pundits are supposed to do?

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