Monday, February 04, 2008

Help or Hurt?

The Obama music video:

My first reaction was "wow, Hillary's got nothing on this" but quickly I became rather worried. While I'm sure this will be a hit with the under 30 hipster crowd (which Obama already has in the bag, cause Hillary's a total square man!), I wonder if the older set won't get turned off at the Hollywood elite's intervention. Yglesias waxes a bit philsophical here, but I think it's simplier than that. I think people just don't wanna be told what to do by the black dude from the Black Eye Peas. Now, Scarlett Johnansson--that's a whole other story. (Not really).

Although, it should be stated, that on a musical level this video is really, really good.

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Anonymous said...

I doubt this video will hurt him at all.

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