Friday, July 24, 2009


Maybe its because I'm black, or an elitist or whatever, but this is what I hear when I watch this video clip:

Angry white woman: I'm angry that the President of the United States is black! He's black! Can't you see he's black! I mean it's written all over his black face! My daddy was white! I'm white! And the President should be white! Can't you white men do something about this or should be go to war again!?!?

James Carville: That woman is crazy.

Liz Cheney: That woman is not crazy. She has a point. Obama is black.

Carville: So?

Cheney: Damnit, don't you understand?

Larry King: You both make good points. We'll be right back to discuss Michael Jackson. Was he black?

And that, my friends, is our racial debate.

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