Friday, July 24, 2009

Sorta Sick

I'm trying to give myself time to think about Obama calling the police officer who arrested Gates and then coming out and basically, apologizing for his "stupid" comments. CNN is praising him for "calming the situation down"--as if there was going to be a race riot or something coming up--and what a great political move this was (right now they're laughing about it and wondering what beer the Prez will have with the officer and Gates when they take up the invitation to have a beer and talk it over), and all I can think about is:

a) Good to know that if you arrest a black man over BS, you get the President to call you--but heaven help we talk to Iran...

b) Glad we can all sweep this under the rug--once again folks we can get resolution on the cheap! Whoo Hoo! Now we can get back to discussing MJ.

Sorry, I'm just a bit bitter. I really can't believe Obama actually called him...Jesus...

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