Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Remember Tommy Lee Jones in...

Natural Born Killers, where he played Warden Jack McClusky? If not here's a reminder:

Remember how at the end of the film he's ripped apart by his own prisoners? Well when I read stuff like this about dickhead sheriff Joe Arpaio, I can't help but think that Mr. Tough-Guy-Hiding-Behind-His-Badge is going to out in the same way:

"In 2005, he forced nearly seven hundred prisoners, wearing nothing but pink underwear and flip-flops, to shuffle four blocks through the Arizona heat, pink-handcuffed together, to a new jail. When they arrived, one prisoner was made to cut a pink ribbon for the cameras. This elaborate degradation, which is remembered fondly by Sheriff Joe's fans, was ostensibly in the name of security--the men were strip-searched both before and after the march. But Arpaio also told reporters, "I put them on the street so everybody could see them."

By the way, would that make Glenn Beck Wayne Gale?

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