Monday, July 06, 2009


The title says it all. I was thinking about wasting time talking about her resignation but then I realize that if I did that then Sarah Palin would win. Anyway, AL shines a light on this farce here. Money quote (In response to Ross Douthat):

"This last line from Ross's column also bothers me:
'Sarah Palin is beloved by millions because her rise suggested, however temporarily, that the old American aphorism about how anyone can grow up to be president might actually be true.
"This is a ridiculous statement. If you want evidence that anyone can grow up to be president, how about looking at the current President. It's hard to imagine a more unlikely future president than the biracial son of a teenage mother in Hawaii who was given the name of his absentee Muslim father. But Obama did well in school, worked hard, impressed everyone he met with his intellect and managed to put himself in a position to become president."

Oh and maybe, just maybe, not anybody should become president? Hasn't Bush taught us anything?

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