Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sorry I Said Anything

Sigh. McCain vs. Clark day four:

"Three things have prolonged this story. First, Wes Clark's decision to not only not apologize but to keep appearing on TV to discuss the matter, which he did yesterday. Then, Obama's decision to not only not urge Clark to stand down but to say that the portion of his patriotism speech Monday in which he said no veteran should have his service questioned wasn't actually intended as a rebuke to Clark. And finally McCain's decision last night to shift gears from his "I want to talk about the issues" posture."I think it's up to Sen. Obama now to not only repudiate him, but to cut him loose," McCain told reporters aboard his plane en route to Colombia."

Do I think Clark should have said what he said? No. Do I think what he said was outrageous? No. Do I think the media should give McCain a pulpit for his 'outrage'? Hell no.

Could we just push up the election already?

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Kiko Jones said...

Respectfully, I must say to you that whether it was "outrageous" or not is irrelevant. That pattern of thought is what has led to this mess. Whether Gen. Clark's statement was true, accurate and valid--which it was--is the true measure. Everything else is spin, pure and simple.

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