Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Me On Yglesias On Steele

If I'm hearing MY right then I think Steele's an ass. Here's just as few of the things MY heard Steele say that irritate me like a nude walk through Poison Ivy:

"Says on a panel "white Americans have made more moral progress in the last forty years than any people in the history of the human conditions.""

"Continuing with my Shelby Steele blogging, he went into what I thought was a really unfair attack on Barack Obama, drawing an invidious comparison between Obama and John McCain and Hillary Clinton on the grounds that we don't really know who he is. Instead, says Steele, Obama is running on a vague sense that he's a talented politician and a black guy. At first I thought he was going to take this in an unverifiably airy direction, but then he specifically said of McCain that if he's elected "we know what road that guy’s going to go down" whereas we don't know the same for Obama."

I thought about writing something to counter that, but time is too short to respond to BS.

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