Tuesday, July 01, 2008

And About What Clark Said

Sully has his comments here, and Kiko takes the other side here. I left some comments under K's post, but basically I wasn't too down with Clark's tone, or even the fact of why he should bring it up in the first place. No, I don't think it's a 'swiftboat' but it's heading in that direction. Is this really where Obama wants to go?

I think Marc is right on this point:

"Critics of McCain have used the same verbiage before, and used it as an insult. Historians and journalists who study the events will first notice that McCain spent five years as a POW; surely, that is the relevant fact, not the way he became a POW. One focuses on the means of his condition only to degrade the subsequent five years, as if to say, yeah, five years of torture was bad, but it was kinda dumb of him to get shot down. Referring to the shoot down strips away the relevant context: McCain was shot down on a daring combat mission whose target, as I recall, was strategically relevant. It wasn’t as if he wandered into Viet Cong airspace and was hit by a stray piece of metal. (By the way – and this is important – McCain admits in both the books he wrote about his Vietnam experience that he wasn’t a great aviator. So why even make the point?)"

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