Friday, July 25, 2008

Conversation With the Wife

So last night I came across this article from Mickey Kaus regarding the supposed John Edwards' affair. I didn't really read it but knowing what a big fan of Edwards my wife is, I decided to play around with her. I went to the bedroom, where she was just about to fall asleep, and said:

Teethwriter: Hey honey, guess who had an affair and a love child?

Teethwife: I'm trying to sleep.

Teethwriter: Come on, guess.

Teethwife: I don't know. (Snicker) You?

Teethwriter: Har har. No, your favorite politician John Edwards.

Teethwife: I don't believe it. John Edwards wouldn't do that. (And yes, I swear to God that's what she said)

Teethwriter: They reported it in Slate.

Teethwife: Sounds like a National Enquirer story. Now let me go to sleep.

So I leave her and look more into the story, and guess what? It IS a National Enquier story! Seriously, is the Right now looking to the National Friggin Enquirer to dig up dirt on DEMs? If your source is the NE, it might be time to hand in that reporting badge or at least your credibility.

PS: Honestly though...I sorta do believe Edwards did it. A married man doesn't take such good care of their hair unless they're getting a piece on the side. Fortunately for me I shave my head.


Gib said...

Your wife's reaction was better than mine - obviously, I tried to have some fun with this too...

Me: Guess what, honey - John Edwards has a mistress and a love child.

Spouse: Wait a minute. John Edwards was willing to step out on his wife and nobody told me?

Teethwriter said...


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