Friday, August 29, 2008

Will McCain Pull a Rabbit From His Hat?

Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

According to the AP, it looks like McCain might tap Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. This does not bode well for the Obama campaign. I first heard of Palin over at Cros' Blog, where he made the case, sucessfully, that she'd be McCain's best choice:

"It's no secret that I think the best GOP #2 is Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. And I swear it's not just because she's 1) female, and 2) hot, although neither of those is a drawback. The narrative Palin brings would be compelling if she were an ugly dude. She ran as a Republican against a corrupt Republican establishment in Alaska, and is the best spokesperson to argue for continued Republican leadership while acknowledging and addressing the problems that started happening once the GOP got used to being in power. She is so popular in Alaska that if she had the approval ratings of Strickland or Sebelius, she'd resign in disgrace. And it bears repeating that she is the only potential candidate who could "out-hot" Obama.

"What? He's a good-looking guy."

Cros later goes on to say that her main problem was the same criticism that the GOP was trying to glue to Obama, which is that she's inexperienced. However, after last night that criticism might not have the same strength that it used to. It's still a long shot, but if Palin did accept then Obama's Joe Biden selection is going to lose some of its power. Biden would have been free to beat the crap outta just about anyone in the GOP but it won't look nearly as palatable if he starts chopping off this woman's head, especially with the bio she brings. This isn't a game winner, but she would definately make alot of independants think twice, as well as show that the mainstream GOP is looking to grow and evolve.

UPDATE: Looks like there is a bit of rust on Palin's armor, but by Alaskan standards it doesn't seem too important.

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