Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Bill Clinton Speech: DNC Night 2 part 1

Sully hit all the notes here. Pres. Clinton, who's had me pulling out my hair several times this primary season, nailed it tonight. Like Hillary, Bill also gave his unequivocal support to Obama, plus, for the first time since the convention began, he started focusing the Dems attack strategy with specific and harsh condemnations of the Bush policies that have led to our abysmal ecomonic plight.

Now the ball's in Biden's court.

Update: Swish--Biden drops the trey. Uses Michelle's intro format, but then, after establishing his credentials bashes McCain over the head with them. The 'Obama's right, McCain's wrong' piece worked perfectly. I hate to be Mitt Rommey, er, I mean McCain's VP when he's got to debate Biden.

The Obama cameo at the end...I thought it was a bit too theatrical, dare I say, WWE for me. I almost expected him at the end to ask if they knew what Obama was cooking. But I suppose they loved it at the convention.

Either way, the table has been set, the intros have been made, and the Dems are about as unified as they'll ever be. In the end, it's all about Obama.

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Kiko Jones said...

"Can you smell what Obama is cooking?!"

That would've been awesome...ha!

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